LIMITED PUTTER: "The Centurion"

LIMITED: "The Centurion"
LIMITED: "The Centurion"
Item# Centurion
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Product Description

Feast your eyes on this RARE PIECE! SWEET WOOD GOLF COMPANY is proud to present our newest limited edition specialty putter to our luxury product family.

Working with master wood craftsman Doug Dryer, this special club is for the golfer who "has everything" and will definitely be the envy of all of your golf buddies. Each head is handcrafted from a single block of exotic & very rare 100 Year Old Koa Wood. Thus, our established putter name "The Centurion". Dryer states, "Itís real old growth, so you canít just recreate it. Itís very scarce." As well, Dryer uses a specially designed lathe to turn his raw blocks of koa into rounded shafts and club heads. The heads also have a distinctly unique combination of Maple & Ebony for the Face, Sightlines and Decorative Striping.

Next, "French Polishing", a laborious method of applying shellac with extensive hand rubbing that actually uses no polish, brings out the natural tigerlike striping of old-growth koa. This striping is unique and appears three-dimensional when illuminated by natural light.

Finally, the clubs are handfashioned with slip-on "all weather leather" performance grips treated with PROTACK to fully allow golfers to feel each putt. Accordingly, Doug Dryer says: "Pure & Simple, it's like mother-nature is hitting the ball". Overall, roughly 50 Hours go into the creation of each putter. These clubs PLAY as well as they LOOK and would be an excellent addition to any golfers bag or collection!

Only 24 of these wonderful items are made & individually numbered annually so get them while you can! Also, production time is approximately 8 weeks to complete.


*DISCLAIMER: Although we utilize the highest quality materials & on-the-course testing, our shafts are still made of 100% Wood which is an organic material and therefore could potentially break over time during the course of normal play. Sweet Wood Golf Company takes on no legal responsibility and/or liability for any breakages that may occur but will gladly replace broken shafts for its clients as an additional service.

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