Our Company Mission:

At SWEET WOOD GOLF COMPANY, we believe the club-makers of the early 20th century truly understood the fine art of golfing instruments. Using various hardwoods as the “soul” of the club, these artisans scoured the hillsides to create a unique feel & touch unmatched by today’s equipment.

Part blacksmith & part carpenter, the early club makers were able to achieve a great deal despite modest resources. As a result, these products were beautiful but often maintained crude and mechanically flawed performance. Accordingly, the past 80 years has been a technological race to develop the most powerful, lightweight and forgiving clubs.

But what happened to the simplicity?

Thus, the SWEET WOOD GOLF COMPANY, was born.

We pride ourselves on being a Life-Style Company with a deep focus on artistic craftsmanship & unique products that revive a look, feel and performance that the old masters could have only dreamed about.

Are you ready to add some luxury style to your game today?

Sweet Wood Golf Company ® is a subsidiary of The Atlas Network, LLC